How Important is Numerology to Starting a Business?


This article discusses the concept of numerology and why it is important to start a business based on numerological considerations.


Numerology is a science that identifies the relationship between numbers, alphabets, words, ideas, and events. It is based on the fact that there is a mathematical relationship to everything and that all events are part of a big chain or cycle, closely related yet independent at many times.

Every alphabet and individual has a vibration. If this vibration is synchronized both with the individual’s vibration, as well as the intended business and outcome, then the positive reinforcement will lead to success.

So now that we have understood the meaning of numerology and how it works, how do we achieve a good name based on correct calculations?

The most obvious method will be to undertake manual calculations. The starting point will be to list the alphabets, identify the number associated with the same, and then proceed to use that for the names that we think will be suitable for the business. ? is a reactive and time-consuming process.

The second method will be to consult a numerologist. Often, such individuals are well-versed not only in the science of numbers but also in allied sciences like astrology. Hence, if they deliver a solution, then it will be holistic and well-rounded. But the challenge here will be to identify a suitable individual. Further, the cost involved and the urgency in starting the business are other driving factors in this consideration.

To overcome this, we have online numerology calculators on the Internet.

The use of numerology calculators can also help in achieving a suitable name or even a date to start the venture. Says Kumar of Nikitha, web development in Chennai, “We started this company after a detailed analysis and based on numerology considerations of the founder and his family. The results have been excellent. While it is agreed that human effort plays a pivotal role in the initiative, subjects like numerology help us to consider and work in harmony with celestial factors and events that are beyond human control but influence the outcome. We used and achieved excellent results.”

Such numerology calculators thus help achieve the aim of identifying a good name or combination for your business, thereby assuring success.

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